PPI #71: 3 Pillars to Build a Better Company

Oct 28, 2020


  • When I’m working with CEOs or entrepreneurs, they often ask how they can scale their company and in this episode, I'll discuss the three pillars needed to do so. 
  • The first pillar is you. How do you become the best version of yourself? Are you being productive on all fronts—home, health, and work? How can you reach your full potential? How do you become a better you?
  • The second pillar is leadership. Are you the leader your company deserves? Are you making the right decisions every day? How reliable are you? I developed these qualities myself as a result of deliberate intention and effort.
  • The third pillar is scaling your company. Does everyone have the same vision and the same goals? Do you have the right people making the right decisions everyday? Are you hitting the correct KPIs? Make sure that everyone in your company is aligned and that you’re hitting the right metrics.
  • So if you want to build a better company, the three pillars you need to focus on are: scaling up yourself, scaling up your leadership, and scaling up your company.


If you want to build a better company, scale up your company, you can't just focus on the company side of things. There's actually three pillars that you need to focus on, that you need to scale in parallel to reach your full potential within your business.

When I'm working with CEOs or entrepreneurs that want to scale what they're doing, they typically focus immediately on the company. “How do I scale the company?” And I always ask them, “No, you need to step back, because there's three things that we need to scale, all in parallel for the company to reach its full potential. Yes, I get it. You want to build a better company. But we have to work on three things in parallel.”

Number one, we need to focus on ‘How do we build a better you?’ Ask yourself, what does the best version of you look like? On the health front, on the home front, on the work front, are you as productive as you could be? How could you improve your productivity? How could you improve your clarity? How could you improve your courage and your influence in the things that you're doing? How could you reach your full potential as you? How could you become a better you? That's that first pillar.

The second pillar is about leadership. How could you become a better leader? It's one thing to start a company as a founder. It's another to scale one as a CEO. I learned this in my own journey, and I questioned a lot about my own leadership ability along the way. And I voiced those concerns with my coach, and I really worked super hard to improve my leadership ability, which culminated in the CEO Of The Year recognition in the UK, but it came through a lot of deliberate intention and effort. So if you want to become a better leader, you need to be asking yourself, well, how decisive are you? How reliable are you? Are you adapting as boldly to the change that you're experiencing on a day in and day out basis? Are you making the right decisions day in, day out? Are you prioritizing speed over precision in your decision-making? How can you become a better leader? That's that second pillar.

Last but not least, of course. How do we build a better company? And there, you need to be thinking about things such as, what's the vision for the company? Does everyone clearly understand that vision? Can everyone recite it? Does everyone know where we're going? Does everyone understand what's our strategy for how we're going to achieve that vision? Do I have the right people in the right places to make that vision and strategy a reality, to execute things as they should be? Are the right financial metrics in place? And most importantly, are we hitting them? Are we monitoring them, measuring them, and doing what it takes to hit those metrics, day in and day out?

So if you want to build a better company, what I'm saying to you is, don't just focus on scaling the company. You need to scale up yourself, scale up your leadership, and scale your company. You need to become a better you, become a better leader, to build a better company. Work on those three things in parallel, and you will reach your full potential, not just in business, but also in life.