The First 90 Days Transition | Michael Watkins

Aug 25, 2022

Michael Watkins is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD and has spent the last two decades working with leaders as they transition to new roles, build their teams, and transform their organizations. Dr. Watkins is author of the international bestseller ‘The First 90 Days, Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter’, which The Economist recognized as "the on-boarding bible." With more than 1,000,000 copies sold, ‘The First 90 Days’ has become the classic reference for leaders in transition and a standard resource of leading change. In 2011, it was named one of the best 100 business books of all time 800-CEO-Read. Amazon declared it "One of the 100 best leadership & success books to read in your lifetime.”

Dr. Watkins is also the co-founder of Genesis Advisers, a transition acceleration consultancy, so it is fitting that he joins us for this episode of the 2% Podcast to share his story and how leaders can effectively manage change while avoiding pitfalls.