PPI #117: 5 Rules for the Game of Life





Would you like to know the five rules for the game of life? By the end of today's episode, you'll know the five top rules that in my research and experience lead to a better life.



Don't Compare Yourself to Others - Instead compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Keep track of the days you have wins and the days you can learn from.

Decide Who it is That You Want to be Right Now - Whether its health, work or fitness related, find an identity for all three and work at being the best possible version of yourself. 

Take Action! - Plan ahead, everyday write three things to accomplish the next day and schedule them into your diary.

Level Up Your Network - Are the people you're spending time with giving you energy? Are they helping you in the game of life or are they taking energy away?

Smile, Laugh, and Have a Good Time! - Allow the space for our favourite moments to happen when we are not in pursuit of our goals.




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PPI #116: Why Not to Give Up on Your Dreams





Have you ever felt like giving up on your dreams? By the end of today's episode, you'll not only not want to give up on your dreams, but you'll also feel re-energized in pursuing them.



You’re Ready Now! - Committing before you think you're ready is a skill. You may never fully be ready so why not commit now? Pursuing your dreams requires you to take action even when you don't think you're ready.

Think big! - Thinking big gets you excited to achieve your goals, you're more likely to pursue them when excited.

Expect Failure - Failure is actually how you learn and grow.

The Only Failure is Failing to Try - Better to have tried and failed than to wonder what could have potentially happened.

What is Holding you Back? - Pursuing your dreams forces you to get real with yourself and confront any deficiencies that might be holding you back.

By pursuing your dreams, you open yourself up to a myriad of successes along the way.



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PPI #115: How to Handle Money





Do you want to know how to handle money? Today you’ll learn how to handle money better and be in a better position to safeguard your financial future.



Get To Grips With Your Cash Flow - Where is your money coming from and where is your money going?

Are You Budgeting Effectively? - Create a budget that reflects the priorities and financial goals of the best version of you.

Create a Savings Plan - Pay yourself first following the equation: income minus savings equals expenses.

Start Investing - Create an emergency fund of 1% of your income, and invest it.

Get Out Of Debt - Start paying off the debt that you could pay off the soonest.

Review Monthly - Schedule a monthly finance review meeting.



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Do you want to know how to handle money? Well, by the end of today's episode, you'll not only know how to handle money better, but you'll...

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PPI #114: How to Improve Your Relationship





To improve your relationship? By the end of this episode, you'll know exactly what to do to improve your relationship.



Are You Communicating? - Ask people what you can do to improve your relationship? Often when you seek to improve something you think in your own bubble and don't take the opportunity to ask others for their point of view

Create Intention - Wake up on a daily basis with the intention ‘I want to improve my relationship with this person’.

Make Some Time - Schedule time to improve the relationship. Take time out of your calendar weekly to focus on that relationship.

Actively Listen! - Ensure you are actively listening, not passively listening!

Practice Gratitude - Set yourself a daily goal to compliment your significant other on one aspect you are grateful for.

Embrace Carefree Timelessness - Be carefree, don't count the cloak and those quality moments will spontaneously arrive.

Demonstrate Affection - It is easy to...

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PPI #113: How to Design Your Destiny





Would you like to know how to design your own destiny? By the end of today's episode, you'll know exactly how to design your own destiny and take your life to an entirely new level.



Do You Have a Vision! - If you don't have a vision, you won't know where you're headed, you’ll drift through life.

Why Is Your Vision Important To You? -  What is the deeply motivating reason that's going to drive you towards fulfilling your destiny?

Focus on what’s important! - What are the outputs that matter most for the future you’re trying to create? Schedule your time, show up to appointments and single task. Focus on whatever it is that you intended at that moment.

Behaviour Follows Identity - Decide who it is that you want to be. Start acting how that person would. 

Expect the Unexpected - By expecting the unexpected you’ll be stronger and a lot more capable of staying on the path to achieving and designing your own...

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PPI #112: 10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!



  • Face Your Fears - A lot of people think that they need to be more confident in order to step into their fears, but they've got it wrong. The key skill to learn is that we step into our fears in order to build confidence.

  • Practice Curious Listening - Asking curiosity-based questions, will not only deepen your connection with a person, but also teach you things that you never would have perhaps known before. This can be important for your own development as well.

  • Practice Single Tasking - Did you know that the average person loses 13 weeks a year, an entire calendar quarter, because they are not working on one thing at a time? Eliminate your distractions!

  • 80/20 Focus - 80/20 focus is simply recognizing that things are not all created equal. What are the 20% of the things that you can be focusing on for 80% of the benefit?

  • Get Some Sleep - A lot of people are not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. It impacts their productivity. It impacts...

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PPI #111: 9 Ways to Make People RESPECT You IMMEDIATELY



  • Listen With Curiosity - People want to feel that they’re being listened to. It commands respect from the others because you suddenly are and appear more engaged. 

  • Do What You Say! - You need to be reliable. If you're not reliable, people will not respect you.

  • Say How You Feel - If you go about a conversation or a relationship and you're not revealing your true feelings, but then those feelings become revealed later through other means people tend to not respect you.

  • Treat People Fairly and Respectfully - They need to feel that justice is being made available for everyone in the relationship. 

  • Offer to Help Others Achieve Their Goals - If you do that, people will immediately feel a greater bond to you and increase the likelihood of them wanting to work with you.

  • Look After the Human Side of Someone and Not Just the Work Side -  Remind yourself that they're not just there to work or to collaborate with you.

  • Demonstrate your...

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PPI #110: How to Succeed- 5 Steps for Getting Ahead



  • Identity Creates Behaviour - It's not the other way around. Choose a superhero version of yourself, give that a name and see how your behavior starts to follow suit and match who you're striving to be.

  • Set Magnetic Goals - Goals that pull us into action. Goals that make us want to be productive. Setting massive goals makes them magnetic.

  • Focus on What Matters Most - Focus on the outputs that matter most. What is going to create the most amount of positive movement?

  • Determine What You Need to Learn, and From Whom - When you do something you haven't done before, it requires you to learn something new. 100% of the knowledge that you need to achieve your goals already exists so go out there and learn it!

  • Schedule time to work on the things that matter most.


Have you ever felt that you're just trying and trying, but nothing seems to work, you're just not getting ahead? Well, by the end of today's message you'll have five simple steps that you...

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  • IPA stands for Identity, Productivity and Antifragility. Mastering IPA is the number one thing you need to do to be more successful in life.

  • I = Identity -  Start with identity. Behavior follows who you think you are. You cannot  become a better version of yourself if you continue being the person you've always been.

  • P = Productivity -  You must optimize yourself for action. You must have 80/20 focus. What’s the 20% of things that you could do for 80% of the results?

  • A = Antifragility - Reframe stress; so that the more stress, hardship or difficulty you experience, the stronger you become. 

  • Stress Can Be Helpful - It is not something that you should seek to run away from, stress is positive, if viewed from the correct point of view.


If you drink lots of beer, you're going to be way more successful in life. But it needs to be IPA. Nothing else. Well, not exactly, but IPA, not in the sense of beer, but in the...

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PPI #108: When to Follow Your Intuition



  • When To Follow Your Gut - The advice, "follow your gut," can be very dangerous. Make sure that you are aware of when to follow your gut instinct and when you shouldn't.

  • When to Use Intuition - One of the best places to use your intuition is after you've whittled down your options.

  • Trust Your Intuition Around People - Very often your intuitive feelings around people and trust, are pointing to something very important. Think twice about ignoring that.

  • Trust Your Intuition Around Safety - Trust your intuition when you're feeling issues about your physical safety.

  • Do Something About Your Fear - When fear is masquerading as our gut instinct, it's a really good signal to ask yourself, ‘How could I get some support?’

  • Stop! - Your intuition is there to help you, but you shouldn't always follow it!


Everyone says, "follow your gut," but that can actually be very dangerous advice. In today's message, I'm going to make sure that...

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