PPI #107: How to Deal with Everyday Anxieties



  • Create Clarity - An anxious mind is a clouded mind. The first way to create clarity is to develop a meditation practice.

  • Develop a Simple Planning Routine - Anxiety reduces when you're not worried about what you need to do. Plan and schedule everything into your life. 

  • Get Some Sleep! - An anxious mind is a tired mind. Focus on your energy and recovery. If you're not getting enough sleep, you will be more prone to anxiety.

  • Start Your Day With Some Exercise - An energized mind is going to be less anxious.

  • Take a Break - Don't work endlessly with no break at all. Anxiety will reduce if you're taking plenty of breaks throughout the day.

  • Express Your Ambitions To Others - An anxious mind is a repressed mind. When you keep feelings in, it contributes to your anxiety.

  • What Are You Afraid Of? - Fears will create anxiety. The act of stepping into the fears will build your confidence.


Many people struggle with anxiety. They get too...

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PPI #106: When to Quit on Someone or Leave a Bad Relationship!



  • Trust Is The Foundation Of Any Relationship - If you do not have trust in a relationship at work or at home, there is no foundation. You must have a solid foundation to build anything of value upon it. 

  • Do You Have Respect? - If you don't have respect from the person that you are in a relationship with, professionally or personally, that's not a relationship.

  • Do They Have Empathy? - Empathy is simply the ability for someone to put themselves in your shoes so they can feel what you're feeling. If you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't feel empathy, the first step is to make them aware of that.

  • Is Your Relationship Allowing You to Grow?- Is the person that you're in a relationship with leading to your growth?

  • Is Your Relationship Fun? - Who wants to be robotic, mechanical, dry, dull, boring, I can't have a laugh, relationship? Nobody. We all want to have fun.

  • Are you Happy? - Does your relationship make you happy? Does it make you feel...

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PPI #105: The Hard Truth About Making Your Dreams Come True



  • Take 100% Ownership - It's down to you. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Take ownership for your own successes and failures. If your dreams succeed great, if not what is it that you did or didn't do that led to that?

  • Up Your Game! - Pause for a moment and ask yourself, "Where do I need to be upping my game?" Are there skills you could be developing? Or people you should be surrounding yourself with to learn from?

  • Schedule Your Dreams Into Your Calendar - Have you ever thought about scheduling your dreams into your calendar? What gets scheduled gets done, and that includes your dreams as well.

  • Create Some Outside Pressure - That could come in the form of an accountability partner such as a coach or friend. Somebody who is going to recognise whether you are reaching your targets.


So many people fail to realize their dreams. They keep putting them off till someday, but someday never comes. As a result, they feel frustrated, disappointed,...

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PPI #104: How to TAKE CONTROL of Your LIFE!



  • Decide Who It Is That You Want To Be - You get to decide who you want to be right now.

  • Prove Yourself - Decide what's the one thing that you could do each day that will evidence your success?

  • Create Powerful Routines - If your day is feeling like it's out of control, then it's probably because you don't have concrete, reliable structures. Create a structured routine.

  • Goals Give Us Meaning! -  If you don't know what you're shooting for, you're going to be feeling that you're flying blind. Set goals, and make sure they inspire you.

  • Apply the 80/20 rule - When you are overwhelmed trying to achieve everything apply the 80/20 rule. Work out what is 20% of the work that you do that can create 80% of the result.

  • Reframe stress - Stress is not bad. It's our view of stress, which hurts you, which makes you feel not in control.

  • Develop a “Bring It On” Mentality - Have the mentality that no matter what the challenge is that you can step into it.

  • ...

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PPI #103: The 5 LESSONS In Life People Learn TOO LATE



  • Pursue Your Dreams! - Don’t find yourself in a situation later in life disappointed that you didn't chase what you wanted

  • Don’t Work Too Hard! - When it comes to the end of your life you certainly will not be looking back wishing you had five more minutes to clear out your inbox or finish a project, make time for what matters

  • Express Your Feelings - Not expressing how you feel can lead you to stay in relationships, business arrangements and situations that you don’t really want to be in

  • Friends are the Family we Choose -  Stay in touch with friends. Maintain contact with at least one person on a weekly basis

  • Choose Happiness - You cannot control all events that will occur in your life but you absolutely can choose your reaction to them.


Today I want to take you through five lessons that people learn far too late in life. And as a result, they don’t end up living the life of their dreams, don’t end up...

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PPI #102: 6 Keys to Motivation



  • Believe in Yourself! -  If you are doubting yourself your motivation will be low. Remind yourself of the times you achieved. Look for people around you who have achieved similar things and remind yourself that if other people can do it ‘I can too!

  • Zero in on ‘why?’ - Why do you want to reach your goals? If you can understand why, you can ignite the motivation again to continue the journey

  • Maintain Positivity -  Maximise the fundamentals in life. How is your diet, sleep and exercise?

  • Give Yourself Some Support -  Support yourself through knowledge. Books, courses, articles, whatever you can do to close the gap between what you think you should know and where you currently are. Enlist the support of others, experts or people that accompany you on your journey

  • Create Clarity -  Clarify exactly what it is you are working on, or your motivation will inevitably suffer

  • Minimize Distractions -  Remove your phone, close...

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PPI #101: The Science Of Motivation



  • Maximize The Value of Your Work - Remind yourself why it is that you are striving for your goals? Why is it important to you? And what are the benefits that you could be experiencing from doing the work? 

  • Maximize Expectancy - Maximize your belief in your ability to achieve what you are working on.

  • Minimize Impulsivity - Minimize the likelihood distractions will occur by optimizing your environment.

  • Minimize Delay - Minimize the amount of time it takes to gain that first taste of success! From your large overall goal create smaller goals to achieve along the way.


Everybody knows the importance of motivation, but few people realize that you can actually hack your motivation. And in the absence of not feeling motivated strongly enough, you won't achieve whatever it is that you're trying to do. You might quit too early or the journey might simply feel too frustrating. And none of that is what I want to happen to you. So stick around for...

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PPI #100: How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)



  • Negativity, it's Holding You Back! -  Learn how to reprogram that negative state of mind. Today, learn five steps to reprogram your mind for positive thinking.

  • Focus on the Story - Reprogramme your mind by writing out your current story. Next, write a new story of how your ideal self would be, how you want to view yourself, and what you would like out of life. Rewrite for 90 days straight to reprogramme your mind.

  • Adopt a Professional Mindset - Let go of the amateur. Professionals know that actions generate feelings, amateurs believe that feelings generate action.

  • Today is Going To Be a Good Day! - Start everyday with this positive frame of mind and you’ll see over time how it reprogrammes your mind.

  • The Dream Team - Three areas of life we seek to do our best in is our health, wealth and relationships. Begin each day thinking about who you are at your best in each of those areas.

  • Wins and Learns - At the end of everyday take 5 minutes to...

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PPI #99: What Great Leaders Actually DO



  • Today we're going to be talking about what makes a great leader, and all of these things are things that you can learn.
  • Number one, the key thing to becoming a great leader is to build what's called vulnerability based trust. People don't like working with someone who never makes a mistake, right?
  • The number two area that great leaders excel in is around decisiveness, so the ability to prioritize speed over precision and decision-making. It's much better to make a decision quickly, even if it's the wrong decision, than to sit there and deliberate in analysis paralysis and never move forward.
  • Number three area that is a hallmark for great leadership is around reliability. Great leaders do what they say they're going to do. If you're not building your personal integrity bank account by doing the things that you say you're going to do, you will not separate yourself from all the want to be great leaders.
  • Number four thing that great leaders do is that they are...
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PPI #98 What High Performers Do Differently



  • You have no chance of performing at a high level if you keep doing what you're doing. You have to change your approach. And that is a subject of today. What do high performers do differently?
  • So three things that high performers do differently. They are intentional, they're productive and they're anti-fragile.
  • Being more intentional is essentially respecting that behavior follows identity, and that we can choose our identities, and that we first start our journey of high performance of reaching our fullest potential by choosing who it is that we want to be.
  • Second thing that high performers do is that they are productive. They have an evening routine to shut down their day. They have a powerful morning routine. When they start out their next day, they don't start it just doing any old thing. They start it working on what was deemed to be most important the day before. 
  • Another big productivity driver for high performers is they're very good at single...
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