PPI #97: Procrastination & the "Perfectionist"



  • When someone says that they're a perfectionist, what they're really saying is that they are dominated by fear. They think perfectionism is somehow a good thing, but it actually just means they're afraid.
  • The other thing that they're afraid of is, they're afraid of failing. They're afraid that, "If I put my work out there and if it's not perfect, then I'm going to fail.
  • The act of completing something quicker is actually the best way to perfect it. By getting something out the door and in an imperfect state, you can get feedback on that and you can learn how to improve it.
  • The 80-20 Rule simply states that 20% of the effort will yield 80% of the results. Now what does a perfectionist try to do? They try to put in a hundred percent effort to get a hundred percent of the result.
  • By focusing on, "What's the 20% of effort that I could put in that would still yield 80% of the result," it's a perfect way to train yourself out of your perfectionism.
  • Things don't need...
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PPI #96: How to Get Our Sh** Together (The Power of Personal Responsibility)



  • Today we're talking about how you can tap into the power of personal responsibility so you can take things up a level in your business and life.
  • First, you can really up your personal responsibility game and change the results in your life by focusing on just three areas, deciding who you want to be in just three areas: your health, your wealth, and your relationships, and bringing some intentionality into those arenas.
  • The second thing that you can do which follows on from the first is a concept that I call champion proofs. Each and every day, I pick what's the one thing that I could be doing which, if done, proves that I'm stepping into the champion version of me.
  • Number three thing that I recommend you do to really tap into the power of personal responsibility and get your act together is to become a single tasker. The average person is losing 13 weeks a year jumping around from task to task to task rather than staying with things long enough to actually get...
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PPI #95: How to Overcome Fear



  • Fear is something that grips us all. It's something that holds us all back.
  • If you've learned to be in a fearful state, you can unlearn that state. You can get yourself into a position to get around those fears and you know how to handle them so that they're not handling you.
  • And today that's what we're going to be talking about. So five things that can help you overcome any fears that you have.
  • The number one thing that you can do to help overcome fear begins in the mind. It's all about mindset. And specifically about you becoming comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone.
  • The number two thing that you can do to help overcome fear is to think about similar experiences. If you can remember back to similar experiences, this helps you overcome fear by giving you evidence that you're capable of doing something like this.
  • Number three: enlist support. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, anybody that you can ask for advice who's been through the...
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PPI #94: The Power of Habit: Setting Up "Triggers" to Sustain Habits



  • Whether you achieve all the things that you want to achieve in your life, or whether you don't will be strongly linked to your ability to stick to the habits that you know are doing you well.
  • This is about how you can introduce what are called triggers to increase your ability to stick to your habits.
  • All habits break down into a 3 part habit loop. And it basically starts with a trigger or you think of this as like the event that happens right before the behavior or the habit. 
  • So you have something that triggers a habit and then you perform whatever that behavior is. And then there's an aspect of it called the reward, which is why you do the habit because you're seeking some kind of reward.
  • So with this in mind, we can design triggers. We can design events right before the habit that we'd like to be doing. We can design events, things that will happen, such that they remind us to do this new habit.


Are you fed up with not sticking to your...

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PPI #93: The Reason You Procrastinate (It's not what you think)



  • The reason you procrastinate is not what you think. You think it's something about you, as if you're broken but it's far easier and simpler to fix than that.
  • Out of all the stuff that I did with regard to improving my own procrastination tendencies, these were the three that delivered the biggest bang for the buck and I'm pretty confident they're going to do the same for you.
  • So the number one, most powerful thing that I learned behind the reason why I was procrastinating was simply how I was talking to myself. The moment you say I have to do something, or I should do something. I have to finish something. It just conjures up resistance. When you say that you are choosing to do something, you're putting yourself in control, you're taking agency of the situation.
  • The second thing that contributed to my procrastination is not scheduling in my week things to look forward to. Knowing that I had something to look forward to, I found myself less likely to...
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PPI #92: How To Stay Focused



  • Today we're going to be talking about focus, how you can up your game, how you can stay more focused so that you can get the things done that you know you need to be doing, or that you would like to be doing.
  • So the number one thing that you can do to increase your ability to stay focused is set goals that inspire you. Who wants to be working on something that doesn't inspire them, right?
  • Number two, to help you stay focused is to create time in your schedule for whatever it is that you'd like to be focusing on.
  • Number three thing that you can do is, decide the day before what you want to be focusing on. If you decide those things the day before, you're able to start your day in a much more focused state, because you know what you're going to be doing and when you're going to be doing it.
  • Number four, you should get plenty of sleep. Studies clearly show that if you don't have the recommended eight hours of sleep, your ability to stay focused tremendously...
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PPI #91: How to Be Happy - Secrets to Happiness



  • Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to be so full of happiness, so full of vibrancy? Well, there's some secrets to happiness that we can all learn.
  • Number one thing that you can do, I do this on a daily basis, is start your day engineered for happiness. And I do this with a simple phrase, I start my day saying, "Today is going to be a great day." It immediately puts a smile on my face, puts me in a positive mood. 
  • Number two: A good happiness secret is to schedule guilt free leisure or hobby time in your week, time for yourself, time doing things that you know will make you happy. Make sure you're scheduling that guilt-free kind of free time in your week, and you'll generate a lot more happiness in your days. 
  • Number three secret to generate more happiness is to think about your energy generators versus energy drainers. What are the people, places and activities in your life that give you energy versus drain you of energy?
  • Number four...
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PPI #90: How Incredibly Successful People THINK



  • Have you ever wondered how incredibly successful people think? Because if you could start thinking in the same way, the sky's the limit. Today I'm going to share a set of principles that underpin the way incredibly successful people think.
  • Number one, the first thing that underpins the way incredibly successful people think is that they take a long-term view on their success. They are not looking for overnight success. 
  • The number two principle that underpins how incredibly successful people think is that they think beyond themselves. "How can what I'm doing be of service to others? How might what I'm doing benefit the world?"
  • The number three thing that underpins how incredibly successful people think is that they take an 80/20 approach to their lives and to their businesses. They don't try to do absolutely everything. Instead, they look for, "What's the 20% of things that I could be doing that could create 80% of the results?
  • Number four: Incredibly...
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PPI #89: How to Learn Faster



  • Your approach to learning does not work. You're taking way too long to learn all of the valuable skills that you need. Today I'm going to teach you 10 tips to learn all those valuable skills that you need a lot faster. 
  • The first is to respect one of my favorite rules, the 80/20 principle. It simply states that 20% of causes create 80% of the effects.
  • Number two: Get into the habit of quizzing yourself. It's much more powerful than simply taking notes. So what that means is you get to the end of a chapter and before you immediately move on to the next chapter, just pause, pause for a moment and ask yourself, "What did I just learn? What were some of the core concepts, the core principles?"
  • The number three way that you can learn things much faster is to get into the habit of teaching or sharing what you learn. When we teach or share what we've learned with someone else we more deeply embed that learning within us.
  • Number four: Quit bad material, or quit...
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PPI #88: How to have more CONFIDENCE



  • Your lack of confidence certainly isn't helping you, and it's probably why you're not as far ahead in life as you'd like to be. Here are 6 principles to help build your confidence.
  • Number one: Confidence is something that can be built, it's not something that you simply have. We are all born the same. Nobody's born with confidence. We're all born clean slate. So everything is learnable, including confidence as well.
  • The number two confidence builder is all around learning, up-skilling. Taking your game up to the next level. If you want to build your confidence, you have to take some time to.
  • The number three thing that you could be doing to up your confidence game or develop more confidence in a particular area is to ask the experts. There's experts out there for everything.
  • Number four, if you want to build your confidence, you have to get comfortable pushing yourself just outside your comfort zone. Confidence doesn't happen staying in your comfort...
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