PPI #27: How To Set Massive Goals that Bring Massive Results

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020


  • Growing up, my parents used to say to me, “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you'll still land amongst the stars.” You’ve probably heard this expression before but if you’re like most people, chances are you’re playing smaller than you could.

  • What I've learned in my life is that massive goals truly do generate massive results. In this episode I’ll share my experience with setting ambitious goals that inspired big action and culminated in me becoming the UK’s CEO of the Year. I’ll also teach some practical tools and tips to help you set massive goals that will bring you the massive results you want in your work and life.

  • When my coach told me to go for the CEO of the Year Award, I thought he was crazy. But that massive goal sparked all kinds of action that never would have happened otherwise.

  • I interviewed top CEOs and leaders to understand what drove their success; I read tons of books on peak performance...

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PPI #26: SD8: The Evening Routine that Drives Success

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020


  • Everyone these days wants to have a great start to their day so they think about installing a morning routine, but that's not the place to start. If you want to have a great day, you actually need to start the day before with a great evening routine.

  • For years I focused on my mornings, trying to join the 5:00 AM club and trying to get everything done before my kids woke up. But then I realised I was approaching things all wrong. In this episode I’ll share the evening routine that has helped set my days up for success as well as helping you construct your own.

  • My evening routine contains 3 key components, captured by the acronym SD8: 1) Shutdown Ritual - Stop work at same time and plan the day ahead 2) Digital Sunset - Turn off all digital devices at least an hour before bed 3) 8 hours of Sleep - Make sure you get the sleep you need to thrive not survive.

  • The equation for growth is Stress + Recovery = Growth and having a great evening routine is critical to...
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PPI #25: 6 Ways to Become like Elon Musk

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2020



  • All of us have heroes or people that we look up to, but we spend most of our time admiring them from afar rather than trying to deconstruct what drives their success and decoding that into actionable practical steps.

  • I recently read the book Elon Musk by Ashley Vance, which is a biography of the legendary entrepreneur and in this episode I’ll take you through six peak performance habits I’ve identified that Elon displays in his life and work. For each of those habits, I’ll give you three practical tools, which if implemented will help bring you more success and help you achieve what matters most.

  • To be fast like Elon you can do 3 things: #1 Commit to deadlines and respect them #2 State your goals in public to increase accountability #3 Respect Parkinson’s Law. 
  • To focus like Elon you can do 3 things: #1 Choose your top 3 things to work on the night before #2 Use timeblocks to create whitespace in your calendar and #3 Focus...

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PPI #24: Access the Flow State to Increase Productivity

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020


  • Do you have a constant level of anxiety that’s present in your day and feel like you just can’t stay on the task at hand? Maybe you sit down and start working on something but within a few minutes you get distracted and get really frustrated with yourself. The key to overcoming this problem is to get into a flow state. In this episode I’ll teach you how to access flow states in your life and achieve far more with much less effort.

  • What exactly is a flow state? It’s an experience of peace, tranquility and calm, while you’re working, where you’re completely engrossed in the task at hand. Everything feels effortless and you’re operating from your zone of genius. 

  • To access the flow state I use a breathing ritual with a pre-recorded soundtrack of my own voice. I let go of the past, let go of the future, become curious about the work ahead and centre myself in the present moment. 

  • This is extremely powerful and after...
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PPI #23: Master Anything and Become World-Class

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020


  • Most people don’t think they can achieve mastery. They think it's reserved for Hollywood stars, famous politicians, Olympic athletes and CEOs of billion dollar companies. But they’re wrong - everyone has genius in them and everyone can achieve mastery in at least something. In this episode, I’ll tell you about a tried and tested process that I've used to achieve mastery, which you can use to do the same and achieve your full potential in whatever it is that you're doing.

  • To achieve mastery you need to first believe that you can do so. Anders Ericsson's book Peak is built on over 30 years of research and its central premise is that ordinary people can become extraordinary, that we can all achieve mastery in something and reach our fullest potential. 

  • The next thing is understanding the process involved in achieving mastery. Along the journey, there are moments of great success but for long periods, you’re putting in a lot...
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PPI #22: Think Like a Navy SEAL To Achieve Your Goals

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020


  • Have you ever started working on your goals with the best of intentions, but then suddenly stopped? Or maybe you're making great progress and then something unexpected happens and completely derails things? The truth is, unless you get into the habit of pressure testing your goals, this pattern will never end and you’ll never achieve the success you’re looking for.

  • A tip that I’ve picked up from some of my clients with military experience like Navy SEALs and Green Berets is the importance of planning for what could go wrong when setting goals. In the special forces, they’re taught to ‘dirt dive’ their mission and predict obstacles that could prevent success - and we need to do the same with our business goals to avoid getting blind-sided.

  • NYU Psychologist Gabriele Oettingen’s WOOP framework for goal setting stands for Wish-Outcome-Obstacle-Plan. The reason it’s so effective is because rather than just...

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PPI #21: Company Goal Setting Made Easy

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2020


  • Do you find the process of setting goals for your company great in theory, but not so great in practice? Perhaps you and your team set goals, but soon forget about them, or just don't properly achieve them. Unless you master the process of setting goals, you could be taking years to do what could be done in weeks.

  • If you simply master four simple principles, it will make the process of setting goals so much easier, instead of going from quarter to quarter without any goals, hoping that you're going to hit the target - just like playing darts, blindfolded.

  • The first thing you need is to power your goal setting process with an inspiring vision. A lot of times I'll come across groups or teams or companies that have visions along the lines of “Become number one in our market” which isn’t going to inspire employees and customers. The vision needs to be bigger than the company.

  • The second thing you need is a framework. Without a framework to...

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PPI #20: How to Improve Focus and Succeed More

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020


  • If you're anything like most ambitious people, you're probably frustrated because you have so many things that you want to learn, do, or excel at. You keep banging your head against the wall because you're trying to fit it all in, but it's just not working. But unless you learn to focus on just one thing, you will not reach your full potential.

  • In this video I'll share three things that I've used to bring more focus to both my business and life, which helped me to create a coaching business that went from zero to a million dollars in revenue in less than a year

  • The first step is tracking your time. The simple thing I suggest that you do is time sheet your week. So using a pen and paper just track every single activity you do each day, the start time and finish time and total minutes spent, and you'll start to see where your time is going throughout the week.
  • The second step is spending more time on what matters. Color code your calendar to...

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PPI #19: How to Improve your Relationships at Home

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2020


  • Proactively, there are things that will improve our relationships with everyone that we interact with. It's our job to understand what those things are, what would be most meaningful in each and in each and every relationship.

  • Have a conversation with your family and get a score from them. Say something like, “I'd like to make sure I'm doing my best for you, but we know that nobody's perfect. Therefore I could be doing better. So if a 10 is perfect and a one means I could only go up, where would you rate me right now?” Ask them, “What's one thing that I could do better more often and more consistently for you that would improve the relationship?”
    At home, we tend to not put on any filters. The worst side of us frankly has a good chance of coming out. But we can use this to our benefit. We can actually use this to improve relationships and also strengthen our ability to handle things that perhaps we dislike.

  • Think about how the...

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PPI #18: Take your Thought Leadership to the Next Level

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2020


  • You want to get out there and start working as a thought leader. But you just don't feel like you're ready yet. There's a few more books you want to read, courses you want to take, people you want to talk to, just to be sure you're ready. The truth is, unless you get out there and start doing it, you're never going to be ready.

  • Consumption vs contribution. In the early stages of trying to grow within a new career, or trying to grow in a particular subject, we're constantly consuming. You will constantly find new and exciting things to learn, but if you’re not careful all of those new and exciting things will make you feel like you’re not ready. You need to break out of that consumption phase into the contribution phase.
  • You reach a point with consumption when your growth plateaus. For you to continue growing more, you have to start to contribute. You have to start sharing that knowledge., start working, and start trying. It's the only way that...
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