Twelve Truths for Creating Opportunity and Your Destiny in an Uncertain World | Jay Samit | The 2%


Did you know that ANYONE can be successful? Would you like to learn how YOU can break free of the 98% and join the 2% reaching their full potential? Join Jay Samit (Author of the bestselling book Disrupt You!) and Eric Partaker as they uncover tips, tools and strategies that you can use to be successful and win at life! 


Failing Is Part Of The Process - The great thing about failing is you either win or you learn. Either way you will be propelled forward, you will never end up where you started.

Follow Your Own Path - Ignore the naysayers. People that gave up on their dreams will tell you to give up on yours. Yet every song that moves you, every movie, every painting that you love was created by somebody who never gave up on their dreams no matter the obstacles.

Don't Fly Solo - There has never been a self-made person. Surround yourself with people who will propel you forwards, and help you through all the ups and the downs. 

Solve A...

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PPI #177: How to Learn Pretty Much Anything


How to Learn: Pretty Much Anything // Have you ever wondered what it takes to become world class at something? Well, the key to becoming world class and mastering anything you want is not just about the work, it’s about how you learn and your ability to act with intentionality. Today, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, shows how you can learn to be good at anything, by highlighting the best way to learn so you can master anything and reach your full potential.


Stop Reading, Start Acting - Knowledge is no longer the foundation of power. Taking action is what will lead you to reaching your full potential. Put your books down, get out there and take the first leap. 

Challenge Yourself! - Push yourself everyday to do better and be better. Growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances.  

Prioritize Learning And Development - Schedule it into your day. Be a lifelong student. Never stop learning, whether it be from...

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PPI #176: Can’t Find Your Purpose In Life, Watch This!


Can’t Find Your Purpose In Life? Watch This! // If you are thinking to yourself, “How do I find my purpose?” or “I wonder what to do with my life,” then this video is for you. Peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, helps you find your true purpose and passion by explaining simple self development steps you can take to build a strong mind, find your inspiration, and finally start living a life of meaning and fulfilment.


Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom - To find your purpose in life, think about where in your life have you experienced pain? Where in your life have you experienced insecurities? How could you use that as your source or purpose?

If You’ve Got Talent, Use It! - Where do you find your strengths? Where are your talents, and how could you weave them together in a purpose that would serve not just you, but also those around you?

Who Do You Admire? - What is it that they are doing? What is it that you...

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Turn Your Dreams into Your Destiny | Crystal & Mark Victor Hansen | The 2%


Learn how to ASK your way to achieving your dreams! Join Crystal & Mark Victor Hansen (Authors of Ask!) and Eric Partaker as they share tips on how you can reach your full potential and achieve your dreams through the power of ASKING!


Question Everything! - You cannot successfully navigate life without learning to be better. Asking is the only mechanism available to us that has the ability to reveal what is hidden. Asking questions delivers solutions! Any opportunity you have, ask questions and constantly seek to learn.

A Good Relationship Starts With Good Communication - Half the improvement that you seek in any relationships can be improved simply by reacting better to the other person. Next time your partner triggers a negative response from you, insert a pause between the stimulus and your response. Ask yourself how would the best version of you respond to this trigger.

Are You Missing Out On Opportunities? - Next time you’re afraid to do something,...

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PPI #175: THE CURE TO LAZINESS (This could change your life)


THE CURE TO LAZINESS (This could change your life) // We all have days when we are feeling lazy and unmotivated. A lazy day is not the end of the world, but you don’t want to let too many of these lazy days form in your calendar. If you want to avoid laziness, stop procrastinating and find your motivation, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, has some solutions for you. By the end of this video, you will have the inspiration and strategies to combat laziness so you can pursue your goals and reach your full potential.


Starting Is The Hardest Part, The Rest Will Follow - Finishing a task can feel overwhelming, but just starting takes only a second. Adopt the mentality “I choose to start for just 5 minutes”.

Get The Right Things Done, Prioritize! - Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your to-do list? What is the one thing that you could do that will help you progress, even just a inch forward? Pick your most important task...

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PPI #174: MORNING ROUTINE 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits


Morning Routine 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits // Do you want to know what the world’s most successful people have in common? They all have a morning routine. A morning routine consisting of personal growth, self development and productive habits. If you want to be healthy and happy then you should follow the success habits of the world’s top performers. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, shares a morning routine of activities you should be doing everyday.


I for Identity - Behaviour Follows Identity. Separate your life into three domains, health, wealth and relationships. At the start of every day decide who you are at your best in each of these three domains. What does that person look like and how do they act?

R for Reading - Schedule around 20 minutes per day where you are focused on your growth and development. Do some reading, listen to an audiobook. Open yourself up to learning new things. 


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Building a Franchise Empire | Brian Scudamore | The 2%


Do you have BIG dreams? Is the fear of failure holding you back? Join Brian Scudamore (Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of O2E Brands) and Eric Partaker as they dive into what it takes to reach your full potential and share tips on how you can succeed at life! 


Dream Big, Live Bigger - Believe in possibility. Every dream starts with an idea. Dream big, work hard, never give up. 

Failure Inspires Winners - The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. Failure is a gift. Not only do you learn how to deal with mistakes but it is a necessary ingredient in the recipes for success. Take the first step. Fail. Learn from that failure then take the second step towards success. 

Persistence Is Key To Success- You can have just about anything you want in life, providing you're willing to go through 1000 nos. Collect your nos because yes lives in the land of no, eventually yes will appear, and success will materialise. 

Giving Up...

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PPI #173: How the comfort zone is ruining your life


How the comfort zone is ruining your life // Your comfort zone is a safe and secure little haven but it’s also holding you back from reaching your full potential and living the life of your dreams. It’s time to get out of the comfort zone and build up the courage to dare to become the best version of yourself. Today, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, encourages you to embrace these life hacks to break free and showcases the dangers of living life within the comfort zone.


Are You Limiting Yourself? - Staying in your comfort zone increases the risk that you won’t discover your true purpose in life. Finding your purpose requires a degree of risk and exploration. Get up, test your limits, step outside what is comfortable to you and flourish!

Is Your World A Tiny Place? - Your comfort zone is shrinking your world. There are so many experiences out there that are waiting for you to enjoy them. Open yourself up to new...

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PPI #172: How to Stop Being Tired All the Time


How to Stop Being Tired All the Time // Do you want to stop being tired all the time, feel more energetic and feel great throughout your day? Getting better quality sleep is important, but if you want to truly feel great when you wake up, you have to change up your routine. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, provides some insights and tricks to not feel tired so you are ready to attack and pursue your goals, each and every day.


Wake Up And Work Out! - Exercise in the morning spikes your energy for the rest of the day. Just 20 minutes daily gives you a positive mood equivalent to taking an antidepressant.

You Are What You Eat - Whatever we ingest goes into our tissue, it forms everything in our body, it also contributes to us feeling energetic or fatigued. If you eat foods that are unhealthy you will feel more fatigued. 

Life Is Better When You Get Enough Sleep - Ensure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep a...

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PPI #171: Timeboxing- Elon Musk’s Time Management Method


Timeboxing: Elon Musk’s Time Management Method // Elon Musk is notoriously known for his insane work ethic, clocking around 80 to 100 hours per week. Want to know his time management secret? Timeboxing. Elon Musk's schedule is precisely planned and perfectly executed for incredible productivity, using an efficient time blocking method and relying on the fundamentals of Parkinson’s Law. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, explains Elon Musk’s daily schedule tool, so you can plan your day, get more done, stop procrastinating and reach your full potential.


What Is Timeboxing? - It Is the practice of setting a specific amount of time to work on tasks, then integrating those blocks of time into your schedule in your calendar.

What Is Parkinson's Law? - Work will expand to fill the time given for its completion. If you give yourself 3 hours to complete a task, you will take 3 hours. If you give yourself 3 days it...

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