PPI #153: Build Unbreakable Self Discipline With These 5 Rules


Build Unbreakable Self Discipline With These 5 Rules // So you want to become more disciplined but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place, as this video will teach you how to build discipline, have more willpower and how you can implement self control in your life.


Get Organized! - Organize your life, use a daily planner, get into the habit of planning out your weeks and planning out your days. You will feel more disciplined knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it!

Plan Your Next Week - Plan out the top three things that you want to achieve in the week ahead and when you will be doing them.

Plan Your Next Day - Plan the top three things you will do within the day ahead and when you will be doing them. Schedule them into your day. What gets scheduled gets done!

Account For Decision Fatigue - When is your decision muscle strongest? At the start of the day! Make sure you are doing my most important tasks...

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How To REACH Your FULL POTENTIAL Doing What You LOVE | Jennifer Cohen | The 2%


Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Do you wish you had the tools to overcome your fears and lead your best possible life EVERYDAY? Join Jennifer Cohen (Fitness Personality, Author and body image consultant) and Eric Partaker as they discuss tips on how you can reach your full potential and win at life!


Get Fit, Don’t Quit! - Exercise gives you energy, and increases your productivity. Exercise first thing every morning, Make it a habit! Beginning your day with exercise increases your ability to stay on track for the remainder of the day.

Happiness Consists Of Getting Enough Sleep! - A lack of sleep causes reduced cognitive abilities and poor focus. Get enough sleep. This will elevate your hormones and improve your mood. 

Rejection And Failure Are The First Steps To Success - Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Block out other people’s opinions and perceptions and focus on you. Don’t give up! Every rejection or failure...

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PPI #152: Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation


Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation // Which is more important discipline or motivation? This video shows why discipline is one of the key habits of successful people and why mastering self control will help you achieve your goals in life. Stop laziness, stop relying on motivation and learn how to be more disciplined and have more willpower you will become unstoppable because discipline is freedom and a core success secret.


Discipline Helps You GET THINGS DONE -  By just showing up and doing what needs to be completed for the task at hand, eventually everything gets done. Set yourself small daily windows to work on your tasks and be disciplined enough to stick to it.

Discipline helps you MASTER NEW SKILLS -  Practicing the discipline to continually engage in whatever activities you are striving to achieve, will allow you to progress and achieve. Self-discipline becomes your ally on your route to mastery.

Self-discipline builds your SELF-CONTROL - Self...

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PPI #151: Why You Can’t Stay Disciplined


Why You Can’t Stay Disciplined // Ever wonder why you cant stay disciplined? And how the best at what they do are able to master self control, have unstoppable willpower and seem to achieve anything they want in life. Now is your time to join them by incorporating a key habit of successful people and build discipline. In this video, I will highlight why your obstacles to discipline may be holding you back and how you can overcome them to achieve your goals in life.


Are You Sabotaging Your Ability To Stay Disciplined? - What bad habits do you have which are holding you back from staying disciplined? Being aware of your habits is the first step to becoming more disciplined.

Are You Afraid To Do What Makes You Uncomfortable? - Growth lies outside your comfort zone. The best way to stay disciplined is to make sure you’re discarding your safety net and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Progress Beats Perfection - The name of the...

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He BUILT a FITNESS EMPIRE from SCRATCH | Peter Taunton | The 2%


The secret to success is simple! Join Peter Taunton (Founder of Snap Fitness) and Eric Partaker as they share their secrets on how hard work and persistence can help you reach your full potential and succeed in life!


Life Is Unpredictable - Life is uncertain. In moments of uncertainty, when you face adversity, you can not view it as a failure. Learn from it, grow and move forward better than you were before. 

Fail Fast And Learn - Don't get hung up on being a failure. You're not a failure. In fact, if you haven't failed, you're not trying hard enough. Anyone can be an all-star if you set the bar at your ankles. Get your head in the game, don't be afraid to fail, and believe in yourself.

Your Deserve Success! - Believe that you are as deserving of success as the person next to you. You deserve it, but it's going to be hard work. Adopt the right mindset to know that there's going to be not only hard work but sacrifice.

Push Yourself To Your...

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PPI #150: Struggling with Self Discipline?


Struggling with Self Discipline? // Your success depends on a number of elements, but one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is discipline. In this video, I will share how you can build unshakeable discipline and sustain habits that will help you achieve your goals and ultimately become the best version of yourself.


What's Your Motivation? - Create a strong reason for completing your tasks. Put a date on it and create a deadline. What gets scheduled gets done!

Optimize Your Environment - Optimize your surroundings to support your success. Install conditions that enable you to achieve the discipline that you seek.

Assign An Accountability Partner - It is incredibly powerful to have someone there alongside you. Get them to set your goals and review your commitment on a weekly basis.

Start with Bite Size Chunks - ‘Journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step’ What is the smallest action that you can take that...

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Live a life of AFFLUENCE | Mel Abraham | The 2%


Have you ever wondered what's the secret to all round success? How can you become a master of not only your wealth but your health and relationships too? Join Mel Abraham (CPA, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Business and Success Strategist and #1 best selling author) and Eric Partaker as they share tips on how you can reach your full potential and win at life!


Strong Mind, Strong Body - If the body's ready, the mind is ready. If you are lazy with your body, inevitably you will be lazy with your mind. Get up and exercise, create a healthy routine to stimulate your mind!

Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Missed Opportunity - Recognize opportunities when they reveal themselves to you, take them on, don't let them pass you buy. You will only regret the chances you didn't take! 

Life Is Precious, Cherish Every Moment! - Everybody has been given a specific number of slices of life. The question is how are you going to spend those slices? Too often, people flippantly spend...

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PPI #149: How To Turn Awkwardness Into Confidence


How To Turn Awkwardness Into Confidence // Want to know how to turn awkwardness into confidence and be confident in any situation. We have all experienced awkwardness at some point in our lives and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to put those days behind you so you can build self confidence and self esteem, believe in yourself more and overcome insecurity. Time to learn and apply the habits of successful people to reach your full potential in life.


Be In This Moment! - When you’re sitting in a state of awkwardness, focused on yourself, you are not able to engage properly with others around you. Instead, be curious, get into the habit of asking simple curiosity based questions.

Failing To Prepare, Is Preparing To Fail - Take time developing the skills which you struggle with. Translate the awkwardness into confidence and engage effortlessly.

More Proactive - Seek out situations which make you...

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PPI #148: 6 Things CONFIDENT People Don’t Do


6 Things CONFIDENT People Don’t Do // What makes confident people so remarkable? The ability to be confident in any situation, believe in themselves and overcome insecurity are all important but it is also what they don’t do that sets them apart. They avoid certain behaviours to safeguard their self esteem so they can develop the confidence to reach their full potential and become successful in life.


Feedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions - Look at feedback as an opportunity to grow. Seek constructive feedback, a confident person wants to constantly know how to improve. 

Are You A People Pleaser? - Confident people recognize they cannot be all things to all people. If you are spreading yourself too thin, you won't be able to deliver your best.

Be Your Own Competition - Instead of constantly seeking the approval of others, seek to improve yourself everyday. Strive to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today!

Do You...

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PPI #147: How To Be More Confident


How To Be More Confident // Do you sometimes feel that everyone around you is confident and sure of themselves? If you are wondering what their secret is, it is pretty simple. They understand that having more self esteem and confidence comes from within and that these states are something that you can create. It is a belief in yourself to overcome self doubt and insecurity and you are capable of achieving whatever you want in life.


Knowledge is Power -  Learn something new everyday. Schedule it into your calendar before the day begins, whether it's taking a new course, reading, or listening to a podcast.

Take Responsibility For Your Life! - Create your own destiny, design your future, decide what it is that you’re going to do and schedule it into your day. What gets scheduled gets done.

Are You Praising Others? - Develop the habit of looking for an opportunity to give praise and recognition to someone else, whether it professionally or...

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