PPI #127: Start Something That Matters


Until you start something that really matters to both you and the world, you probably won't be living as fulfilling of a life as you could. Here’s a simple framework to do just that.


Gather All Your Ideas - Evaluate your ideas by scoring 1-10 to what degree you would love doing each of them. It is so important to do something that you love, that is important to you.

Use Your Skills - Examine to what degree would each of my ideas allow me to exercise my skills. You will be more motivated to succeed if you are using the skills you love and are good at. 

Make a Positive Impact - Examine to what degree would each idea make a positive impact in the world. It doesn't have to change the whole world, it could impact a single person besides you. 

Challenge Your Best Self - Examine to what degree would each idea challenge me and require me to show up at my best? As humans we get fulfillment out of doing what encourages us to show up at our best.


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PPI #126: Prioritize Like a Genius


Unless you prioritize well, you'll remain overwhelmed, frustrated, or just disappointed with your results. Here’s exactly how you can prioritize like a genius so you can get a lot more done.


Focus On The Outputs That Matter Most - Ask yourself “Out of all the things that I'm doing right now, what really matters the most?” You can't do everything, but if you really focus on what matters most you can get the right things done.

Create a Master Task List - Have one place where you keep all your notes, and one place where you keep your to-do-list. If you have post-It notes everywhere you’re going to lose track.

Rank Your Tasks - Create a list of the six most important tasks you want to complete the next day. Any left over at the end of the day put them into the mix for the next day.

Focus On One Thing at a Time - Eliminate all of the distractions and just focus on that one thing until it's complete.

Schedule, Show up, Single task -...

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PPI #125: How To Stay Motivated



This episode will teach you three secrets to keep your motivation where it needs to be so that you can realize your full potential in work and life.



Flip The Script! - Focus on starting rather than finishing. If you just focus on starting, the finishing will take care of itself.

Act like a Professional - A professional knows that action generates feeling whereas an amateur believes feeling generates action.

Clearly Define the Value - Ask yourself, “What benefit does this goal have for me, what benefit does it have for others?” Clarity promotes motivation.

Use Evidence - Reference a similar challenge you or someone else faced as evidence that you can complete what you started.

Minimize impulsivity - Reduce your likelihood of being distracted. Remove the environment that distracts you, e.g. your phone or devices.

Minimize Delay - Break down your goal small enough so that you taste success sooner and stay motivated. If it's too far off in...

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PPI #124: How NOT to Set Goals - Why S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are Lame


This episode will teach you how not to set your goals, and will give you a much more powerful framework to use instead of the traditional smart goal setting framework.


F = Frequently Discussed - Goals should be discussed within teams, at the beginning of the month at the end of the month, discussed everywhere. Frequent discussion is correlated with the goal having a higher likelihood of achievement. 

A = Ambitious - The goal should feel slightly out of reach, ambition inspires you to take action.

S = Specific - Be very clear about what the goal is and when you are looking to achieve it.

T = Transparent - The goal needs to be visible to all so that everyone can see the progress made. The more transparency around a goal, the more likely it will be achieved.


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        PPI #123: Think Big - The Power of Ambition



        By the end of this episode, you'll know exactly why you should be thinking as big as possible so that you can tap into that power of ambition and reach your full potential, in your work and life.


        KEY POINTS

        Being Ambitious Forces You to Commit Before You Are Ready - Too much potential greatness in life is not realized because people sit back waiting to be ready. Being ambitious forces you to commit well before you are ready because you have no choice.

        Being Ambitious Gets You To Dream - When you dream, powerful things can happen.

        Ambition Increases Productivity - It forces you to become hyper aware of your time which causes you to cut out all the distracting behaviours and meaningless activity.

        Ambition Inspires Bold Action - It builds courage and leads to your personal development.

        Ambition Provides Personal Growth - When you think big you will be taken outside your comfort zone and that is how you grow.

        Ambition Provides a Deeper Sense of Purpose - Which...

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        PPI #122: Dealing with Difficult Times in Life



        In today’s episode I share 10 techniques that can improve your ability to deal with the inevitable difficult times that we all experience in life.


        KEY POINTS

        Acknowledge How You Feel - Don't repress feelings, especially relating to the difficult times that you're in.

        Talk About It! - Use your network of friends and family, and let out your feelings, don't keep it in. 

        Remove Anybody Who's Making Life More Difficult - Spend more time with the people that can help you.

        Recognize When You Need Some Professional Help - There are some wonderful people out there who are highly trained.

        What is Your Number One Self-Care Habit? - Look after your fundamentals, such as your sleep, your nutrition, and your exercise.

        Focus on Action! - What's the next thing that you can do to combat these feelings?

        Center Yourself in the Present Moment - Don't worry about the past or future, take a vacation in the present moment.

        Remember that time pretty much does heal all...

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        PPI #121: When They Start Doubting You, Do This



        Have you ever been in a situation where people start doubting you? By the end of today's episode you'll have five tips for how to better handle the doubters.


        KEY POINTS

        Opposition is Always to be Expected - Especially when you're doing something that you haven't done before.

        There Will Always Be Haters - Remember, they are speaking about their own failures, frustrations and disappointments, not yours.

        The Past Does Not Define the Future - Mistakes are to be learned from. What happened in the past doesn't actually mean that that's also going to happen in the future for you.

        You Don’t Need Approval - You are free to design your own destiny, so don't seek approval from anybody but yourself.

        Upgrade Your Network - Surround yourself with people who support you rather than take away from you.



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        Have you ever been in a situation where people start...

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        PPI #120: 3 Enemies to Our Personal Growth



        Do you want to overcome the three enemies to personal growth? In today's episode I'm going to tell you what those three enemies are, and how you can overcome them.


        KEY POINTS

        Recognize that Action Generates Feeling - A professional knows that an action generates feeling, however an amateur believes feeling generates action. Identify as a professional and create action!

        Minimize Impulsivity - Reduce distractions. Out of sight, out of mind. Distractions will impede on personal growth.

        Minimize Delay - Cut down your large goal into smaller milestones to get a taste of success sooner. 

        Increase Focus - A productive day begins the day before with a good night's sleep. All devices should be switched off an hour before bedtime to increase melatonin. Ensure you are getting 8 hours of sleep.

        Embrace Failure -  It is a very necessary part of our personal growth. Learn from it, don't let it get you down!



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        PPI #119: 4 Ways to Become More Disciplined





        Would you like to learn how to become more disciplined? I'm going to show you the four secrets to becoming more disciplined so that you can achieve your full potential.


        KEY POINTS

        Have Clarity About Who You Are - Realise that you are a professional in your life, not an amateur. An amateur believes that feeling generates action, but a professional knows that action generates feeling.

        To be Disciplined, You Need Compassion - First and foremost, you need to be nice to yourself. Look after your fundamentals such as sleep, nutrition and exercise.

        Get Help! - Make sure that you're not working alone, bring others in to help you, to share the responsibility.

        Create Negative Consequences - Human beings are far more likely to want to avoid losing something than gaining something. Create negative consequences for not being disciplined.


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        Would you like to learn...

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        PPI #118: The Rejection Myth - How to Overcome Fear of Rejection





        Here is a seven step framework that you can use to overcome the fear of rejection and step into the life that you were meant to live.


        KEY POINTS

        Focus on Collecting as Many No's as Possible - To overcome fear of rejection recognize that yes lives in the land of no. Send out as many proposals, as many job applications as possible. Eventually the yes’s will materialize provided that you are sending out and focusing on just collecting those rejections.

        Don't Think of it as a Rejection - Just think of it as you're going out there to collect data, and we can only learn and move forward by collecting that data.

        Rejection is Evidence That You're Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone - Growth requires some degree of stress. The stress we feel from rejection leads to growth and development. 

        Visualize Rejection - Think about the moments that you are most worried about rejection, picture that it will happen and how you at your best will respond to...

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