Turn Your Dreams into Your Destiny | Crystal & Mark Victor Hansen | The 2%


Learn how to ASK your way to achieving your dreams! Join Crystal & Mark Victor Hansen (Authors of Ask!) and Eric Partaker as they share tips on how you can reach your full potential and achieve your dreams through the power of ASKING!


Question Everything! - You cannot successfully navigate life without learning to be better. Asking is the only mechanism available to us that has the ability to reveal what is hidden. Asking questions delivers solutions! Any opportunity you have, ask questions and constantly seek to learn.

A Good Relationship Starts With Good Communication - Half the improvement that you seek in any relationships can be improved simply by reacting better to the other person. Next time your partner triggers a negative response from you, insert a pause between the stimulus and your response. Ask yourself how would the best version of you respond to this trigger.

Are You Missing Out On Opportunities? - Next time you’re afraid to do something,...

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PPI #154: Overcome Self Defeating Behaviors


Overcome Self Defeating Behaviors // Do you often find yourself running in circles? You make a commitment to stop smoking, binge eating or procrastinating and yet when something goes wrong you find yourself reverting to the same self defeating behaviors. In this video you will learn how to defeat the beast of self destruction and how to build discipline, master self control and have more willpower. If you are saying, “Its time to sort myself out,” then employ these success secrets to help you face your fears, overcome self doubt and achieve anything you want in life.


Identify Your Self Sabotaging Behaviours - What habits shouldn't you be doing that are getting in the way of you becoming your best self? Reach out to those closest to you, and ask, “Where do I sabotage my own success?"

Know What Your Triggers Are - What leads you to engage in self-defeating behavior? Don't try to change the trigger, but change how you react to it. Change and swap...

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How To REACH Your FULL POTENTIAL Doing What You LOVE | Jennifer Cohen | The 2%


Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Do you wish you had the tools to overcome your fears and lead your best possible life EVERYDAY? Join Jennifer Cohen (Fitness Personality, Author and body image consultant) and Eric Partaker as they discuss tips on how you can reach your full potential and win at life!


Get Fit, Don’t Quit! - Exercise gives you energy, and increases your productivity. Exercise first thing every morning, Make it a habit! Beginning your day with exercise increases your ability to stay on track for the remainder of the day.

Happiness Consists Of Getting Enough Sleep! - A lack of sleep causes reduced cognitive abilities and poor focus. Get enough sleep. This will elevate your hormones and improve your mood. 

Rejection And Failure Are The First Steps To Success - Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Block out other people’s opinions and perceptions and focus on you. Don’t give up! Every rejection or failure...

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PPI #152: Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation


Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation // Which is more important discipline or motivation? This video shows why discipline is one of the key habits of successful people and why mastering self control will help you achieve your goals in life. Stop laziness, stop relying on motivation and learn how to be more disciplined and have more willpower you will become unstoppable because discipline is freedom and a core success secret.


Discipline Helps You GET THINGS DONE -  By just showing up and doing what needs to be completed for the task at hand, eventually everything gets done. Set yourself small daily windows to work on your tasks and be disciplined enough to stick to it.

Discipline helps you MASTER NEW SKILLS -  Practicing the discipline to continually engage in whatever activities you are striving to achieve, will allow you to progress and achieve. Self-discipline becomes your ally on your route to mastery.

Self-discipline builds your SELF-CONTROL - Self...

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