PPI #164: How Successful People Think


How Successful People Think // When you think about your business, career, or personal life recently, where are you winning or losing lately? Well, whether you think of the pursuit of success as a game or not, success always leaves clues. In this video, peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker, outlines the traits of successful people and how their mindset can play a crucial role in their pursuit of greatness.


A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish - Create goals which pull you into action, that allow you to dream big. Then take those goals and break them down into attainable chunks. So that you know precisely what you should be doing to keep yourself on the path to success.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? - Create a shutdown ritual. Before you go to bed, ensure you have made a plan for the next day. Decide on three tasks you want to prioritize to get done. Then one hour before bed, shut off all electronics to maximise the melatonin which will allow you to get...

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PPI #163: The Mindset of a Billionaire – Learn How To Think Correctly


The Mindset of a Billionaire – Learn How To Think Correctly // Billionaires are not superhuman, they are not cut from a different cloth or have special abilities. However, their advantage is the way they see the world and how they think. In this video peak performance coach and expert Eric Partaker shares some invaluable insights about how adopting the billionaire mindset can transform your life and help you achieve your goals. Changing your mindset and following with intentionality and deliberate action, can make all the difference and create phenomenal results. Embrace these mindset traits and start thinking like a billionaire now!


You Don't Always Have To Be Right! - Prioritize decisiveness, speed over precision, make decisions quickly and then act! Part of making a wise decision is recognizing that you don't always have to be right. If you’re wrong, accept it, make another decision, and move forward. 

Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake -...

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PPI #152: Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation


Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation // Which is more important discipline or motivation? This video shows why discipline is one of the key habits of successful people and why mastering self control will help you achieve your goals in life. Stop laziness, stop relying on motivation and learn how to be more disciplined and have more willpower you will become unstoppable because discipline is freedom and a core success secret.


Discipline Helps You GET THINGS DONE -  By just showing up and doing what needs to be completed for the task at hand, eventually everything gets done. Set yourself small daily windows to work on your tasks and be disciplined enough to stick to it.

Discipline helps you MASTER NEW SKILLS -  Practicing the discipline to continually engage in whatever activities you are striving to achieve, will allow you to progress and achieve. Self-discipline becomes your ally on your route to mastery.

Self-discipline builds your SELF-CONTROL - Self...

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