PPI #157: How to Build Mental Toughness – David Goggins


How to Build Mental Toughness – David Goggins // If you want to learn how to build mental toughness and get mental strength, check out these lessons from the toughest man alive David Goggins. Goggins has created many inspiration and motivational works, including his best selling book cant hurt me. Today peak performance expert Eric Partaker will help you develop a strong mind and divide into the habits of mentally strong people. You will learn about resilience from the best in the business, here are the behaviours of the one and only David Goggins.


Keep It Real! - Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself on a daily basis “Am I showing up at my best today?” You’ll find that you cannot lie to yourself. Hold yourself accountable each day for reaching your goals.

What Makes You Uncomfortable? - Write it down. Review that list regularly, and embrace your discomforts. Growth and development is not within your comfort zone!

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