Remember What Matters

in the trenches Jun 12, 2020

Have you ever had a moment that drastically altered the way you look at your life? Mine came in November 2010, when I was 35,000 feet in the air. 

Looking back, it’s clear that I ignored all of the warning signs. I was working 100 hour weeks building Chilango and playing hard on the weekends. This “grind” mentality was taking a toll on my health.

Although I started having heart palpitations and cramping, I kept going, attributing it to stress keep pushing and get the work done, right? This was the vicious cycle I was stuck in. Even when doctors diagnosed me with high blood pressure, I kept going.

Fortunately, thanks to a doctor who just so happened to be on the flight, I survived my incident and am able to share it with you today. I can tell you that at that moment 35,000 feet up, I have never felt more alone. That was it. My five-year-old son would be without a father because I literally worked myself to death.

My Awakening

When I woke up in the...

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In the Trenches

in the trenches Jun 08, 2020

Being in the trenches is a mindset - and spending time in that mindset gives you a different perspective of the world.

You learn to separate the essential from the unimportant, the mission critical from the nice-to-haves.

All of the great successes I’ve achieved in my career and life have been the result of time spent in the trenches fielding challenges, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing - but always bouncing back stronger as a result.

When I give keynotes, meet people at events, or spend time with friends and family - the one comment I get more than any other is "Wow, you’ve really been in the trenches."

When something like this keeps coming up again and again, you need to pay attention.

So I’ve decided to start a project that has been a long time coming and share some of my hard-won lessons in business and life through the launch of my new podcast In The Trenches.

The podcast will help you reach your highest potential on the healthfront, the...

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