PPI #162: THE MINDSET OF A WINNER | Kobe Bryant Champions Advice


THE MINDSET OF A WINNER | Kobe Bryant Champions Advice // As the late great Kobe Bryant said, “Winning is everything!” Kobe was a symbol of mental strength, with his unbeatable mindset, mental toughness, and resilience. In this video, peak performance coach and expert Eric Partaker, explores the habits and lessons from Kobe to help you become the best version of yourself, overcome mental weakness and reach your full potential in life.


Hard Work Is Not Enough! - What is your aim? What are you striving to achieve? In order to succeed you need something to shoot for. Intentionality will enable you focus on what's important to achieve your goals. 

Rule Your Mind, Or It Will Rule You - Meditation is incredibly powerful. It provides you with the skill of being able to focus on what matters most, eliminate distractions , and all the noises that are competing for your attention. Practice just 60 seconds a day to start developing a calm,...

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