How the Co-Founder of Netflix created a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand | Marc Randolph


Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a company as successful as Netflix? Join Marc Randolf (Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker) and Eric Partaker as they discuss what it takes to create a billion dollar business, and discover tips and insights about how you can become part of the 2% of people reaching their full potential.

(Netflix &) Chill - You do not need to know where you’re going right away. Stumble around,  and gather experiences until you end up in the right place. Don’t simply pick your dream job and fight like crazy to get it. Get your foot in the door and find out what people really do. What’s the vocabulary? How do they organise? Then you’ll have a better idea whether this is the right path for you. 

You Can’t Predict The Future - Stop dreaming about what your company is going to become, because you’re almost inevitably wrong. You can't, it’s impossible....

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