PPI #126: Prioritize Like a Genius


Unless you prioritize well, you'll remain overwhelmed, frustrated, or just disappointed with your results. Here’s exactly how you can prioritize like a genius so you can get a lot more done.


Focus On The Outputs That Matter Most - Ask yourself “Out of all the things that I'm doing right now, what really matters the most?” You can't do everything, but if you really focus on what matters most you can get the right things done.

Create a Master Task List - Have one place where you keep all your notes, and one place where you keep your to-do-list. If you have post-It notes everywhere you’re going to lose track.

Rank Your Tasks - Create a list of the six most important tasks you want to complete the next day. Any left over at the end of the day put them into the mix for the next day.

Focus On One Thing at a Time - Eliminate all of the distractions and just focus on that one thing until it's complete.

Schedule, Show up, Single task -...

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PPI #98 What High Performers Do Differently



  • You have no chance of performing at a high level if you keep doing what you're doing. You have to change your approach. And that is a subject of today. What do high performers do differently?
  • So three things that high performers do differently. They are intentional, they're productive and they're anti-fragile.
  • Being more intentional is essentially respecting that behavior follows identity, and that we can choose our identities, and that we first start our journey of high performance of reaching our fullest potential by choosing who it is that we want to be.
  • Second thing that high performers do is that they are productive. They have an evening routine to shut down their day. They have a powerful morning routine. When they start out their next day, they don't start it just doing any old thing. They start it working on what was deemed to be most important the day before. 
  • Another big productivity driver for high performers is they're very good at single...
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PPI #84: The #1 Technique To Retain 90% of What You Learn



  • Did you know that some researchers estimate we only retain 10% of what we read? What if I could show you a way to retain 90% of whatever it is that you're trying to learn?
  • Today's message is super simple, super quick. It's all about how to up your retention game. 
  • Teaching leads to a retention of up to 90% versus reading, where it's only around 10%.
  • So here's a few simple ways in which you can employ this in your business or life. Number one, after you've read something, rather than seek to summarize it, seek to share it instead.
  • The second thing that you can do is get into the habit of presenting your information. So this works super well in a work environment. Just the act of preparing for a presentation will lead to much stronger, deeper retention.
  • Last but not least, an awesome way in which you can get into the habit of retaining more of what you learn through the power of teaching is by sending out a weekly email to your friends, colleagues, to your...
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PPI #79: How to Complete Your Work 5x Faster



  • Today I'm going to teach you three hacks that you can use to complete your work up to five times faster. 
  • Instead of working five hours on something, what if you could be getting it done in just one hour? 
  • If you don't learn these techniques, if you don't learn these hacks, you won’t become all that you’re capable of becoming.
  • The number one technique to increase the rate at which you work is based on the Pareto principle. The Pareto principle simply states that 20% of the causes typically lead to 80% of the effects, or said in another way, 20% of the effort leads to 80% of the results. Where are the leverage points in your work? What really matters? Focus on the 20% that generates 80% of the result and you’ll save tons of time.
  • The second technique is to focus on Parkinson's law, which simply states that work will expand to fill the time given for its completion. So we can use this to our advantage by proactively restricting the amount...
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PPI #73: Win More Often with 90-Day Plans



  • In this episode, I'll take you through the 90-day planning tool I use that can help you create incredible insights and momentum in your life.
  • The first thing that I do is complete a review and goal-setting process for the next quarter to come, a week before the current quarter ends. Make sure you do this a week before your quarter ends.
  • The next step is to ask yourself these four questions: What went super well this quarter? What could have gone better? Were there any learnings or insights? What actions will I consider taking as a result? When you reach the answers to these questions, lay them out in the next quarter to come.
  • What I do next is pick five to seven objectives with sub-steps under them and make sure that they are assigned to the right people with the right metrics. After setting these goals, I schedule them in the 13 weeks available. This will let you know what the things you need accomplish by specific deadlines. 
  • These simple...
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PPI #69: What's Your #1 Start and Stop



  • In this episode, I'll give you a super simple technique you can use to upgrade your business and life. By doing this, you can zero in on what’s really important and take the action that will have the biggest impact on you. 
  • First, ask yourself, “What is the number one thing that I should start doing?” It doesn't have to be complicated and can be as straightforward as starting to exercise or to being more proactive with your loved ones.
  • The next thing you should do is ask yourself the opposite question: What is the number one thing that I should stop doing? Consider the bad habits holding you back and pick the one you think is having the biggest negative impact. 
  • Finally, try to engage the support of an accountability partner who can help you stick to your goal and track your progress overtime to keep yourself motivated. 


Today, I want to give you a super simple technique that you can use...

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PPI #64: Get Into A Flow State In Seconds



  • In this episode, I'll teach you a very simple technique to help you reach a flow state and work efficiently without being distracted. Do you find yourself unable to achieve everything you want to accomplish in a day because you couldn’t focus on the things you need to do? A flow state, which is the feeling of being in the zone, at your most creative and most productive, is what you need.
  • Before you enter a period of work, the first thing you need to do is close your eyes and take your first set of three deep breaths. This is for your relaxation. You breathe in through the nose, out through your mouth, and release the tension in your body. These three deep breaths are you telling yourself that you are relaxed. You can go ahead and tell yourself “With these three deep breaths, I am now relaxing” to kick-start your flow state.
  • The next set of three deep breaths is for letting go of the past. At that moment, you will no longer identify with...
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PPI #62: Add These Breaks To Increase Productivity



  • In this episode, I share six different types of break that will help you increase your productivity. For a time, I used to think that productivity was only achieved through a lot of input but over time, I realised that approach diminishes productivity in the long run. After I added these six different breaks, my productivity went through the roof. 
  • The first break is called the micro-break, the 16-minute 40-second break. Most people don’t take a break after a few hours, and what they don’t know is that it actually slows down their thinking. So every 16 minutes and 40 seconds (a total of 1000 seconds) get up and move around for just a minute or two. The idea here is that you are not constantly in a seated position for hours on end.
  • The second break is the macro break, a 50-10 hourly break. After 50 minutes of working, you get up and take a break for 10 minutes. That might seem like a waste of time but from my...
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Productivity Principles

productivity Jun 12, 2020


Today I’d like to offer you a productivity technique that’s had a tremendous impact for me — and for the CEOs and entrepreneurs that I coach.

Changing Your Identity

Hard-working entrepreneurs often try to create more hours in their day by trimming away sleep time. 

I did it for years. I told myself, “I don’t need eight hours of sleep. I need seven or six.” Maybe you’ve told yourself the same thing.

The problem, according to the National Institute of Health, is that a full night’s sleep is vital for clear thinking.

“Studies show that people who are taught mentally challenging tasks do better after a good night’s sleep. Other research suggests that sleep is needed for creative problem-solving.”

“Cutting back by even 1 hour can make it tough to focus the next day and can slow your response time. Studies also find that when you lack sleep, you are more likely to make bad decisions and take more...

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Applying the 3 Alarms

productivity Jun 12, 2020

A subscriber recently wrote to tell me how one of my techniques has changed his life. I’d like to share his story with you.

Patrick is the CEO of a company that does 100 million a year in sales. He’s been reading my newsletter and we did one of my free insight sessions together. 

Patrick writes, “Eric, I’ve had incredible results with creating my own Three Alarms. Let me tell you what I did…” 

The Three Alarms

He’s talking about the technique I share in my upcoming book, The Three Alarms.  

The Three Alarms is a practical method for closing the gap between who you are and who you’re capable of being on the work, health, and home fronts.

I set three daily alarms that assign a “best self” identity to each segment of my day.

  • 6:30 am: a World Fitness Champion alarm reminds me to show up at the gym as that version of myself.
  • 9:00 am: the World’s Best Ceo alert prompts me to bring my highest...
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