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1-on-1 and group coaching to help CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders scale themselves, their companies, and their well-being.

Close the gap between who you are and who you’re capable of being.

Successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and coaches, who are hungry for more, turn to Eric to reach the next level. Drawing on his world-class work experiences, as well as cutting edge research, Eric helps his clients reach their full potential in both their work and life.

Learn from someone that’s actually done it

Eric has over 20 years of experience in the trenches. His coaching combines the intellectual rigor from his work at McKinsey, the world’s #1 consulting firm, his experience helping build Skype’s multi-billion dollar success story, and his own entrepreneurial experience from building several companies. Along the way he’s been recognized as the "CEO of the Year" at the BEF Awards, as well as one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs" in the country by Startups Magazine.

Benefit from an evidence-based curriculum

Opinion is great. Data is better. As a High Performance Expert Eric draws on the world’s largest ever study of high performers, including over 30,000 people and over 100 different performance variables, as well as behavioral science research from Stanford University. In addition Eric incorporates evidence-based studies in psychology, neuroscience, habit change, leadership, and peak performance on a continuous basis. 

Become extraordinary

Throughout the coaching journey you will significantly shorten your learning curve. In the process you will become more focused and productive, lead and influence others more effectively, learn and develop key skills faster, and improve your overall health and relationships. In short you'll develop self-mastery, feel like you're winning, and benefit not just yourself, but your family, friends, and colleagues as well.
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