Eric is a world-class expert in both fundraising and crowdfunding, 
having raised over $40 million to date.

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Eric's last three crowdfunding rounds speak for themselves.

2014: Target $1.1 million. Raised $3 million

2015: Target $1.25 million. Raised $4.5 million

2019: Target $1.3 million. Raised $5 million

The original Burrito Bond made headlines around the world when it launched. The 2018 Burrito Bond 2 campaign captured the crowd's attention once again and has been the largest campaign to date. The debt offering was launched on a company-built platform, without the support of any 3rd-party crowdfunding platforms. The creative theme to the video was a spoof on the opening scene of the James Bond film Spectre, which takes place during the Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City.
The 2015 equity campaign was equally successful. Launched on Crowdcube's platform the round quickly smashed through its original target and went on to over fund by 340%. Aside from providing a tour of the chain's restaurants the video benefits from multiple investors explaining the rationale behind their investment and their vision for the company's future. Over 1,400 investors backed the campaign, collecting both free food and experiential rewards along the way.
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Work with one of the world’s leading crowdfunding experts.

✓ Advice on all pitch materials including pitch presentation, online content, and video 

✓ Introductions to 3rd party support as needed

✓ Campaign planning support including advice on presales and in-campaign marketing

✓ Advice on campaign rewards structure

✓ Essential advice on influence messaging to maximize potential raise

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