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Eric is a sought after speaker delivering keynotes 
on crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, and high performance.
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Speaking topics

Eric is an inspiring, entertaining and dynamic speaker that delivers his messages through powerful stories. Eric is uniquely positioned to deliver keynotes on three distinct topics:

  • High Performance. Eric has been working with and leading high performing teams for over two decades, from McKinsey, to Skype, to his own company Chilango. He has a coaching certification from the High Performance Institute and has completed a coaching certification and apprenticeship with Professor BJ Fogg, who runs Stanford University's Behavior Design Lab.
  • Entrepreneurship. Eric has successfully crossed the chasm from Founder to  CEO with his own company Chilango. Chilango has been profiled as "arguably the most exciting fast food company of the decade" by Elite Business Magazine and ranked #4 in Conde Naste Travelers "Best Chain Restaurants in the World." Along the way Eric has been recognized as one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs" in the country, by Startups Magazine, and as the "CEO of the Year", at the 2019 BEF Awards.
  • Crowdfunding. Eric has personally raised over $40 million in his entrepreneurial journeys and his company Chilango is the most successfully crowdfunded restaurant chain in the world. Eric's crowdfunding campaigns have been featured in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and on over 7 major TV news stations.
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Speaking engagements

Past speaking engagements include:
  • Moscow City Hall Innovation Forum
  • Global Restaurant Investment Forum
  • London School of Economics
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Crowdsourcing Week
  • Scaling Up Masters Program
  • Joelson Founders Fireside
  • Propel Management Development Conference
  • Kings College London
  • British Franchising Exhibition
  • Innovation Norway
  • Arena Brand Engagement Conference
Upcoming speaking engagements include:
  • Scaling Up Coaches Summit
  • Scaling Up Summit
  • Host 2019
  • London School of Economics

"Eric is an engaging speaker who captures your attention with his unique style of storytelling. I recently heard him speak about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and he shared openly and honestly about the ups and downs and the bits in between! Eric is inspiring to listen to and I came away feeling motivated with a desire to do and be even better! He shared great tips on how to survive the journey, as well as how to be a high-performing person, which I think is critical for any level of success."

Sukhi Jutla
MarketOrders COO

"Eric is a brilliant speaker, he presented his company, Chilango, and told us the story of how they went about crowdfunding and establishing their brand, at the last Crowdsourcing Week event. We look forward to having him speak soon at one of our events in London."

Maya Plentz
News Editor and Producer
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